This newsletter from REGATRACE (Renewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe) covers the following topics: GOs and certificates at the top of the agenda of the 34th Madrid Forum, the recognition of the full potential of biomethane as a transport fuel, the completion of research on IT system options for biomethane/renewable gas transfers, preparatory workshops to develop a long-term vision on biomethane, the first injection of green gas into the Walloon network and news from other countries. Read more about it here

Will there be a biogas plant at every farm?

If it is up to Philippe Jans then yes. With his company Biolectric, he develops biogas plants - or "poo plants" as he calls them - that convert cow muck into green energy. After years of research and testing, his product is completely up and running. Is Biolectric ready to conquer the agricultural sector?

Gas is one of the elements in the energy issue questions

The environmental debate is more topical than ever. But what efforts are needed to be climate neutral in 2050? Kanaal Z asked this question to a number of experts from the sector.

The green future of Biogas

Will we be heating our homes with gas from vegetable, fruit and garden waste in the future? The surprising answer: that is actually already happening today! Kanaal Z went to Beerse where the Kempische waste intermunicipal company IOK invested in an energy conversion park.