Green Gas Certificate, your guarantee of real green energy.

greengasregister Groen Gas CertificaatWith a Green Gas Certificate of the green gas register, organisations can prove that the green gas that they produce, process, trade or use is sustainable. Green gas certificates prove that the green gas is produced from biomass and that it offers the same quality as natural gas. The Green Gas Certificate represents the energy value of the green gas. One green gas Green Gas Certificate stands for 1 MWh of energy from green gas, which is comparable to around 100 m3 of natural gas.

The criteria.

At a production facility for green gas it is carefully checked whether the production meets the requirements set by the green gas register. If that is the case, the production is certified by an auditor and the trader who buys the green gas receives the necessary Green Gas Certificates. A number of criteria are taken into account:

  • Where does the raw material for green gas come from?
  • Are the quantities of gas measured correctly?
  • Is the consumption of fossil gas in production taken into account?
  • What is the CO2 saving of the installation?

The process.

A biomethane producer sells the green gas produced by him to a gas trading company. The trader is provided with the necessary Green Gas Certificates. Gas users can purchase gas via their normal connection to the distribution network and purchase green gas Green Gas Certificates.

There are therefore two markets: a physical gas market for trade in gas and a virtual market for trade in Green Gas Certificates. At the time of green gas production, a Green Gas Certificate is issued, after which the gas is traded and transported to users just like normal fossil gas. At that time, green gas is no longer recognisable as green gas because it mixes with natural gas in the transport pipeline. The "green" attribute has been transformed into a Green Gas Certificate and can then be traded separately from the physical gas flow and linked back to the physical gas flow if an end user consumes the green gas.

As a result, anyone who wants to can buy green gas without being physically connected to a producer of green gas and in this way still make his or her energy consumption more sustainable. The Green Gas Certificates are debited by the trader.

The lifetime of a Green Gas Certificate.

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